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Registration & Signup

What is is a platform for Social Media influencers that allow you to show offALL OFyour brands and discount codes on your social media profiles When you say link in bio the link will be in the bio

Who is For?

Brand Reps, Brand Ambassadors, Influencers. If you rep brands and products on social media this site was made for you! it allows you to show of your brands and give your discount codes in a way thats uniquely you. You can also show off your social links and website

Why Does Cost?

It’s a Fair Question, Honestly websites cost money to operate and when websites like this are free for users the operators have 2 options for revenue:

  1. Bombard their users with Advertising and due to the nature of having an ad for a company you don’t Rep for can’t be an option
  2. Sell the user information to 3rd Parties…. JustNO! 

We want to respect you as our customer not our product and give you full control over your experience and the best way to do that was to find the lowest monthly price possible

We have plans to add to the features of as the service evolves over time

What are the age limitations?

We welcome influencers of any age however

You must be 18 years old to be an account holder. if you have wish to have an account for a minor child a parent/guardian MUST the sign the child up with an email the parent/guardian has control of and be the custodian of the account

When creating an account for a minor use the parent/guardian’s email and a user name that reflects the identity of the child.

We Recommend the following when creating a minor on

• Be aware that these profiles are public in nature

• Be aware that what you choose as a username is part of your profile URL and therefore public


Billing & Payments

Are Payments Secure?

Payments are 100% Handled by Paypal your billing info never touches our servers

How Do I cancel?

We would be sad to see you go but should you need to cancel you can do so from your Account Page or Force Cancellation from your Paypal subscriptions dashboard

if you need assistance with cancellation pleaseEmail Us

Using The Site

Where do I get Logos for my Brands?

Ask them via Email or Social Media Message if you need help with wording we have provided a template for a note you can copy and pasteHERE

What Link do I place on my Social Profiles?[INSERT YOUR USERNAME]

My Profile doesn’t Look quite right on desktop

Your profile is built as mobile first its made to link to your social media profiles on mobile devices rest assured it is 100% functional on your desktop browser